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CrashCarBurn release ‘Out Of Control’ video

It’s been a good year for CrashCarBurn – coming out of hiatus, releasing a pretty decent, experimental new album, and notching over 40 000 views on their left-field cover of Tom Petty’s ‘Free Fallin’’.

After a string of successful Pop Goes Punk shows this month, the rockers have dropped their third single off “Headlights” for the synth-drenched sing-along ‘Out Of Control’.

“Anyone who is currently a teenager, or who has been through their teens, would be able to relate to this song! So, suitable for ages 12 – 123. Anyone outside of that bracket will really struggle to relate I think,” vocalist Garth Barnes laughs.

Shot and directed by the band’s drummer Brendan Bugsy Barnes, the video further amplifies the song’s ‘80s theme through its Retrowave aesthetic and tropical hue.

“The song sounds like it’s from the 80s and the video looks like it’s from the 80s because it was made by kids who were born in the 80s,” Barnes comments and that’s precisely why I dig it so much.

And as we head towards what I feel is going to be a long, hot summer, this is the perfect song to add to that summer playlist you’ve been dying to crank up in your top down, midlife crisis convertible because let’s face it – if you were born in the ’80s that’s what you’re about to head into.

Watch the video below.

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