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German hardcore band Wire Love release “Leave The Bones” album

“If you steal from everywhere, sell effect pedals as good ideas and act like you have a clue what you are doing, you are basically playing in Wire Love.”

That’s what the German hardcore band’s biography reads and, in essence, isn’t that what all good art is about anyway – being influenced by external artistic and non-artistic forces, mixing and matching to form a patchwork foundation that eventually becomes your own?

Julian De Manos explained their new release saying, “Life can be daunting, even frightening. Sometimes you’re feeling like picking up the pieces of your existence, trying to put them back together just to realize the fixed mosaic looks kind of grotesque. It feels like you have lost yourself. It’s a terrible state of mind and “Leave The Bones” kind of deals with that.”

“It’s about realizing that things are ultimate, that nothing is certain. It’s terrifying, but it’s the way it is. “Long live the burial ground. Deep down I know I’m safe and sound.” Dealing with that is a real challenge for me and if there’s one big topic the record is dedicated to, this would be it,” he states candidly.

Lyrically and melodically this album is as intense and feeds of De Manos’ fear of the unknown.

Stream and purchase “Leave The Bones” below.

Wire Love – Leave the Bones LP/digital