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Grassy Spark release ‘The Candy’ video

While change is widely accepted as constant, the reinvention of an artist is not always the easiest feat to achieve.

Grassy Spark has taken both change and reinvention head-on with their first pop-rooted offering, ‘The Candy’, their first single in two years.

With a fluffy, candy floss-tinted hue seeping into their newfound aesthetic, there’s a whole lot more going on here than might meet the eye at first.

On surface level the group are now a five-piece, but while that’s been evident for some time now, with a new line-up comes new challenges to navigate and new live set-ups to form.

Their newfound direction has also somewhat forced them to evolve outside of the ska rock comfort zone they’d been chilling since birth, stepping out sans brass and developing a fresh set alongside engineer, Jethro Harris.

The music video, spearheaded by Tom Willows and put together by the supremely talented crew at Spilt Juice, also does a good job at establishing the personalities of each individual member, which Grassy didn’t really prioritise in other releases. I also spotted them wearing the exact same outfits during their performance on Expresso which I thought was a super smart continuation of that visual narrative.

Fact is, there are a lot of things to consider pre-reinvention. Fan bases get cranky, a new sound might not gel, a certain image maybe a bit too risqué or experimental – Grassy Spark has taken this all within their stride and so far, so good.

Watch the video below.

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