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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #71

We’ve got hot summer night anthems, love songs and disruptive visual experiences on the cards this week. It seems the hotter the weather gets, the higher the calibre of the music submissions get.

I guarantee that the majority of these tracks will be making their way onto your list of favourites by the end of the weekend. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Bam Bam Brown – Bathed In Gold

There is one thing you can never fault Kieron Brown on, and that is passion. He exudes positive energy and love which translates into his songwriting and performances as Bam Bam Brown. His voice is visceral and his command of an emotional journey in his songs is inspiring, ‘Bathed In Gold’ is a beautiful showcase of these expertise.

Jay Cubed – I Want You feat Nontu X

Breaking away from the harder sound we’ve become accustomed to, Jay Cubed delves into the love song world with the help of a feature from singer Nontu X. The Afro-Caribbean beat along with the smooth vocal harmonies frames a perfect accompaniment to Jay’s performance. This track is for the slow-wind on a hot summer night.

Runaway Nuns – My Whole World

A more laid-back track than the music I have experienced watching the Nuns play live, but it’s still a killer. Strong raspy vocals, surf garage guitars and a groovy rhythm section – a perfect addition to your road trip playlist as you make your way along the coast for your December holiday.

Bakai – Fruit On The Beach feat Orah

Bakai is garnering a lot of attention for their distinct take on a pretty oversaturated genre, especially in Cape Town. The vocal feature on this track is courtesy of one of the freshest new artists on the scene, Ntokozo Mzimela AKA Orah from Orah & The Kites who we have featured in the past. There is nothing I enjoy more than when exciting young talent collaborates, so keep a keen ear on all of these artists as they’ll be on high rotation very soon.

Half-Sister – They Need That Fire

The new video release for Half-Sister’s first single. The video editing is jarring and chaotic in the beginning before becoming the product of hallucinogenics. It suits the single perfectly and gives the track a level of context you didn’t know you needed until you experienced it. The band is correct, we do need that fire.

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