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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #72

Don’t be alarmed, but also get ready because today is the last day of November. How have we reached the final month of 2018 so fast?

I imagine that more than a few of you are relieved that this year is almost over. I can’t help but feel inspired by all the incredible music we were able to share with you this year.

This week is particularly exciting as we get to premier the release of the DJ INVIZABLE “XiFi RMXD” album which is going to get you dancing whenever you are when you press play. The rest of this week’s selection is filled with album release too, it’s been a busy few months for some of the country’s best artists. Get grooving and enjoy the weekend.

We have the supreme honour of sharing the freshly baked and highly anticipated remix album of DJ INVIZABLE’S most recent body of work, XiFi. I didn’t think it was possible for this collection of tracks to swing back for more impact but when you enlist stellar producers from South Africa to Paris it is an inevitable success. What I enjoy most about the remix album is the carefully considered and curated choice of producers with whom they worked.

Collaborating with the Jackie Queens imprint Bae Electronica opened the doors to the likes of Thandi Draai and Cornelius SA while Fosta, Zain Wolf, RMBO, Matthew Loots, Deep Aztec, Lazy Flow and Argento Dust complete the local roster with their signature sounds. The release is beautifully packaged and completed with the exclusive offering from Parisian Hannah Hais. This release is filled with dancefloor burners, perfect for December and beyond.

Bambeano – A Documentation of Sounds From The Wild: Part 1
A defining characteristic of Bambeano’s sound has always been to offer an alternative sonic palette, from the outset of his DJ career he presented a groove, energy and perspective that helped him stand out from the monotonous drone bellowing out of festival and club sound systems.

He has now blessed us with a release of his own productions which have successfully achieved the same distinction and display the same character, depth and groove we’ve come to love from his DJ sets. This is an exciting offering that should be consumed with zeal.

Reza Khota Quartet – Liminal
It’s been four years since the debut album release from RKQ and this newest offering does not disappoint. Khota is one of South Africa’s most talented and awe-inspiring guitarists. The stories and journeys shared in this release are complex and chaotic, interlaced with moments of focus, texture and calming groove.

The undeniable chemistry Khota has with Shane Cooper, Jonno Sweetman and Buddy Wells can be heard throughout the album.

MARENE – Thrills In The Night
I really did not expect to hear this style of glam rock ‘n roll being made in Cape Town, especially with the nostalgic tone from lead singer Tyler Duggan and the well constructed vocal harmonies from the band.

I’m still not certain if the video was made in irony or not, because it fits the origins of the genre really well but is a bit too awkward and uncomfortable at times which betrays the song, however the song is great so the weak points of the video are forgivable.

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