Opinion Review

Lu-Fuki: Coalesce EP

After the release of their first single ‘Love You At Pace’ I had Lu-Fuki figured and typecast a rudimentary funk band.

So imagine my surprise when they drop their debut EP and it’s a stark amalgamation of punk and funk and ska rock that’s punctuated by some eyebrow-raising guitar work from Luke Clayton and drum lines from Steven Haiden, who both go in hard composition-wise.

With lyrical themes ranging from dreams that weren’t realised (‘Façade’), to trying to find your place in the world (‘Start A Fire’), to escaping a monotonous situation (‘Fly Away’), Sandi Dlangalala (vox) does quite a lot of questioning one’s existence, with each distinct mood underpinned by his emotive timbre.

Dlangalala’s range and style remind me a lot of Given Nkanyane’s from Stone Jets – the two of them on a collab track would be vocal gold.

Apart from a few inconsistencies in the mix this is a solid debut (influenced heavily by early RHCP) for the young band and I’m looking forward to seeing how it translates live.

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Listen to the EP below.