Opinion Review

Medicine Boy: Lower

Medicine Boy’s self-professed “dream noise” genre is reflected in their latest album “Lower” as a densely-knit web of introspection and interpretive poetic nuances gently takes your hand to guide you through a shadowy soundscape.

Lucy Kruger’s breathy, ethereal vocals lend a frank, almost Enya-esque quality to the gritty, baritone themes which dominate the album. Andre Leo’s vocals on the other hand only allow the music to sink deeper into the experimental underworld they have created here.

A simple, three-note guitar line opens ‘Bottom of the Blue’, building gradually upon itself, to gain watery synth undercurrents and a gentle backbone beat.

The album is scattered with the screeching, ominous psych injections – from the grinding, congested intensity of ‘Water Girl’, to the frenzied, anthemic riffage of ‘Diamonds’.

There are also cleverly-placed aspects which counter the tranquil ambience of tracks like the left-field piano-dominated ode to love in ‘Lovely Heart’.

The lyricism is also visceral and poetic, filling the spaces in their broach-reaching soundscapes: “She’s the loveliest heart in a body/She’s liquid, lunar and softly”.

This is music which stretches across vast plains of open space within its roaring capacity.

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