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Runaway Nuns release ‘Alright Now’ video

Every now and again a South African band comes along that are a mind-boggling anomaly.

Five-piece garage band Runaway Nuns are Cape Town’s anomaly for the simple fact that we do not deserve them.

You might not know Sihle Mkhize (bass) or Desmond Kannemeyer (guitar), but you’ve sure as hell seen them front-and-center at every Psych Night, Mercury Live, SurfaRosa, Yours Truly, House Of Machines and Aces ‘n’ Spades (ja, even that jol) event when their buddies are onstage. And I’m pretty sure when randoms are jamming too.

While they’ve had their heads down releasing EP-after-EP, single-after-single, individually their members still have time to be the biggest supporters of our scene. Their latest video for single ‘Alright Now’ is the first offering off their soon-to-be-released-circa-2019 debut album.

Held together by Desmond Kannemeyer’s unifying, bouncy guitar riff, ‘Alright Now’ is The Nuns best upbeat work since the vocally fuzzed-out crowd pleaser ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Yours’.

Filmed by Jasper Bailey and Josh Rijneke (MVP), the video is a punk-rooted, black-and-white middle finger salute to The Man, complete with spray-painted lyrics across a whitewashed ‘burbs wall flanked by burning black bins.

I can even handle Sean Baron’s somewhat shouty vocals because the punk gods demand it to rally against the corrupt system.

Watch the fucking video below because that’s what The Nuns would do for your band.

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