Opinion Review

Sutherland: Rainmaker

Palate cleansing diversity is what is offered up on Sutherland’s latest musical platter.

Taking a step away from the chiming, characteristic sound they’ve showcased on previous releases, “Rainmaker” sees them approaching an EP with careful finesse and comfortably varied traditional influence.

Broad, bold drum work fleshes out the sound, while thematically the five-track EP keeps within the lyrically simple boundaries of love, life and the society at large.

It’s nothing new or groundbreaking, but it is accompanied by a much-needed crispness which it comes to their compositions.

Metallic percussion gives way to acoustic guitar and earthy, alternative rhythms, jutting with the acoustic flair of ‘You Do You’, while the title track is polished in its organic qualities.

‘Rainmaker’ pulls musical narrative from the likes of Hot Water and Holiday Murray (RIP). It’s comfortably familiar from a South African perspective. It’s also damn good to hear in the current musical climate.

With the exception of ‘So It Goes’ – which regresses into the simplified indie pop which is what saturates the scene – theirs’ is a grooving sound, countered in the broad brushstroke textures of afro-pop tendencies and hazy synth investigations.

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