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Zombies Ate My Girlfriend release ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’

There’s no denying the fact that Zombies Ate My Girlfriend are one of South Africa’s best metal exports.

And while their feat of being the first SA band to play at the legendary Wacken Open Air in Germany in 2016 alerted us to this fact, their new video for single “The Worst Is Yet To Come” has cemented it – they’re playing in a whole different league now.

The video’s director, producer and editor, Tim Leibbrandt, (also bassist for Infanteria) was adamant that he didn’t want this to be just another band-in-a-room-like shoot. Instead, he dressed the band in Riaan Cruywagen-type suits and positioned them in a classic newsroom setting.

“When Adriano first approached me about doing a music video for the new album, we both immediately agreed that we didn’t want this to be just another generic affair. Zom have always been a band with something to say, and the evocative lyrics really lend themselves to this rollercoaster ride of an anchor-man’s breakdown into madness and despair,” Leibbrandt explains.

While those aforementioned lyrics flash at the bottom of the screen like bite-sized news headlines on ENCA, Gavin Marchbank’s delivery of a man at the end of his tether is half-humorous, half-terrifying but all-through hella believable.

“The concept gave us the opportunity to poke at several ideas pertinent to the political moment we find ourselves in, while also allowing for a celebration of the band’s career so far by throwing in an insane amount of Easter eggs. It’s to Adriano’s absolute credit that he gave me and Ric Shields free reign to run wild with the concept and realise our vision for it,” Leibbrandt adds and I can’t help put think that this creative freedom has made all of the difference here.

Images of rotting fish, a freshly-removed brain, and puppies and kittens disappearing like half of your heroes at the end “The Avengers: Infinity War” (if you haven’t seen it yet and you’re angry because I spoilt something go cry to your mother FFS) provide a welcome juxtaposition to the sterile newsroom setting.

But they couldn’t resist putting in a short performance scene to highlight the solo shredding battle between guitarists Adriano Rodrigues and Chris Hall.

“Initially we just came up with the concept of this news broadcast as a sort of filler to the usual “band playing in a room” thing. But the more we played with the idea and eventually Tim’s focused vision led to probably one of the coolest things we’ve had a hand in creating thus far,” Rodrigues comments and I’m in full agreement.

More of this please, ZAMG.

Watch the video below.

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