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Climate Control release “Equals Not” album

It’s been two years since alternative rock group Climate Control released their last single ‘Little Mess’ and four years since the release of their debut album “Preludes”.

That’s a hell of a long time for a band to take any sort of break, but CC have had their fair share to deal with, especially after the departure of their founding drummer Jacques du Toit dealt a massive blow to the alternative rock group.

Their latest album “Equals Not” is the end product of over four years of shows, growth, overcoming hurdles and pouring over material to make sure that they get this album exactly how it should be.

Nic Gonzalez (vox) is also responsible for the recording and production of this album, with CC choosing to not record with long-time producer Clint Watts. And while this was a decision borne from a combination of needing to make more strategic financial moves, and wanting to tackle the material from a different angle, I think it’s a super smart one.

Sometimes you just need to make your means work for you as a group.

When it came to artwork and video production CC looked in-house again, using Wesley Smuts (bass) and Luca Zeeman (guitar) respectively.

“We’ve pretty much jumped in the deep end with deciding to handle everything ourselves for this album, but it was the only way that really made sense for us to pick up the pieces and move forward,” explains Gonzalez. “The album name and material within are all stories and statements around the idea that life can and will mess you up in various ways, but that none of those experiences or that pain amounts to your whole story or who you ultimately are or become.”

The album is a good mixture of nostalgic emo anthems from the early ’00s and post-hardcore guitar breakdowns. And with new drummer Ricky Dunningham adding a different dynamic energy-wise to the fold (‘There Is No Rush’ is a real treat of a track), Climate Control are looking to 2019 with renewed vigour and perspective.

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Listen to “Equals Not” below.

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