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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #73

This week’s selection starts with a false sense of security, it’s all love and grooves but then takes a swift turn into hard truths and raw grit.

I suppose much like the breakdown of a relationship, it’s all butterflies and honeymoon feelings and then things pop off leaving you angry and raging – but this is the best possible musical representation of that rollercoaster – so jump on and hold on for dear life.

Jaedon Daniel – Hold The Game
Packed full of hometown features, rumbling basslines and head-bopping rhythms this latest offering from Jaedon Daniel is a slice of beautiful insight into this Durban artist’s creative process. The progression of the release witnesses each track growing in energy, mood and intricacy. He successfully tells a story and delivers unconventional sonic landscapes across the full body of work.

Muzi – Questions ft Tiro [Other Draft]
Running around, chasing after our significant other and having our affection curved is a familiar struggle for many of us. The video reflects the raw landscape of Johannesburg which could align metaphorically with equally harsh landscape of love. Tiro’s tone and cadence serves as a strong juxtaposition to the smooth groove of Muzi’s vocal and the accompanying beat.

Lady Zamar – What You Need
This song is incredible, the video is a complete let down to the song. But rather than focus on the less than satisfactory visual let’s rather appreciate the incredible soul and beauty of the groove and Lady Zamar’s voice. She has managed to established herself as one of the pivotal voices of the current generation of South African urban music and should be filling your ears and playlists regularly.

YoungstaCPT – YVR (Yung Van Riebeek)
This track bangs super hard, YoungstaCPT flexes his flow in a gritty and more aggressive way than we are accustomed to and it’s pure flames. The content is challenging and provocative which made the choice of filmmaker for this video so critical. That choice could only fall on one person, and Imraan Christian has created a poignant and chilling visual interpretation of this amazing single.

Jon Casey – Dog Food
Thursday was Jon Casey’s birthday. And while it’s customary to receive gifts on your birthday, JC saw it fit to gift us with a new release instead. As can be expected the track is massive, obnoxiously bass heavy and as evil as we deserve. Jon Casey is not for the faint hearted but bass music doesn’t exist to tickle the sensibilities of an easy-listening audience. Wild out, it’s the weekend.

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