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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #74

The year end functions are overflowing, some of us are packing up the contents of our desks ready to set forth on new adventures and a an unfortunate few will be towing the line across the festive season.

Wherever you find yourself, make sure that you have a set of headphones with you and the links to a great selection of fresh music from across South Africa. We’ve made this a little easier, just look below and enjoy…

Three Witches – Eyes Of A Killer

The rippled sampled effect along with the subtlely coercive drum rhythm in the introduction makes you just inquisitive enough to patiently wait for the song to really kick in and then you are treated to the soundtrack of all your red flags, the ballad to your bad decisions. You’ll definitely find this more relatable as the song progresses. Another great effort from one of my favourite Cape Town crews.

Eye-On Feather – Triangulation EP

One of the most interesting and under-appreciated producers in this country. Eye-On Feather has command of the emotional journey of his music that can be expressed in the most nuanced manner where necessary while also showcasing depth and complexity elsewhere. It is a pleasure and honour to bless my ears with these tracks and I hope you feel many things when you give this EP a spin.

seventhgaze – rays

Likhona has never been shy to present an authentic voice through production. While this may take shape in a sonic expression of the unconventional it still remains unwaveringly seventhgaze. This EP is a story; a tale woven from influence, experience and emotion. Approach it without prejudice and you will be pleasantly surprised and wildly intrigued.

Omar Morto – Cruise Control feat Dani Bagel

And now we return to our vacation programming with another playlist banger from Cape Town’s feel good hit maker. Dani’s voice is like a warm summer’s day and the perfect accompaniment to the infectious groove supplied by Omar Morto. Slide this track into your road trip playlist and play it loud as soon as you have the coast in sight.

Angel-Ho – Be Your Girl feat K Rizz

The first single of Angel-Ho’s highly anticipated release on Hyperdub Records. March 2019 cannot come soon enough for ‘Death Becomes Her’ but for now we have this power anthem to get us through the season without forgetting our crowns when we leave the house. And to understand just how critical this release is, check out who else is on the Hyperdub roster and get to know the magnificence of Angel-Ho – you will not be disappointed.

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