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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #75

XAh the festive season. You’re probably spending your days at the beach, soaking up every inch of the sun. Every night you walk into the kitchen and cross off another day on the countdown to the family gathering where you’ll have to stomach all your extended family and possibly still having your gran squeeze your cheeks even though you’re an adult.

Or maybe you’re the only one left in the office and you need some reprieve in the form of a killer playlist…

As we wrap up Fresh Flex Friday for 2018, please know we couldn’t have kept this weekly feature going without your support and without the incredible artists who keep delivering top notch music to us. We’ll be back in January, but until then, press play and enjoy this week’s freshest selections.

KO1 – M E L L O W 4 2 0

This is what we need to kick off our Friday, a laid-back beat that has your head bopping from outset. The guitar accompanies the groove so perfectly, making the track feel like the opening song to a Miami Vice-like show. This song has you cruising along the coastline, long before you realise you’re bouncing back-and-forth in your office chair.

myageisdigital – Bend or Break

Compromise, it’s a word we all know but it’s an action few of us practice. We find it the most difficult when it comes to relationships and love. When listening to Bend or Break for the first time, compromise is the overwhelming theme that came to mind. The content is relatable, and while the track comprises simple elements the song in its entirety is a complex, tightly produced offering.

Obe Bomaye – 1-2 Combo

A 2 track offering that addresses the positive and negative narratives in the artist’s life. Its a journey through thought processes, choices and mistakes. I really enjoy young artists embracing honesty and authenticity in their music. It’s refreshing to not hear about money, cars and women that aren’t real – your music is your life, it should reflect that. The beat production is great, and rounds this off into a neat package.

Emrhys Stead – Weight of the World

The video features a protagonist who reminds me of a forlorn ’80s teenager who didn’t get the girl. Climbing on buildings, jumping fences and staring contemplatively into the sea – as if he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. I love the choice of Key in both the vocal and guitar, it threatens to not make sense for a while but pulls through to be a great song.

Escapism Refuge – Turnback EP

There are a handful of local producers who have a guaranteed fail-safe, and Escapism Refuge is one of them. In the past I have spoken at length about his acumen for groove, his appetite for the obscure and the continuously undeniable beauty of this music. This release is no different, and will be on repeat on my playlist for as long as possible.

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