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IV4: i believe

Winners of the 2015 instalment of the Converse Get Out Of The Garage competition, IV4’s new album is a mix of pop, revolution, love and determination.

The first track on the album, ‘Genesis,’ is an ethereal instrumental soundscape that starts off gently before taking a turn for the tense. The next two tracks, ‘Call Me Up’ and ‘Heart Away’ are the kind of radio-friendly, upbeat songs you’d play at your pre-drinks party to warm up for a night on the town.

The album takes a darker turn as ‘There Is No Better News,’ a collage of news reports about terrorist attacks, brings you back to reality and brings the party to a screeching halt before the brooding ‘2017’ starts. “Day in day out/They break us they take us/They shoot us they kill us/Forsake us” is Van Wyk Brand’s determined, no bullshit call to arms.

The album hits the romance nail with ‘Crush Broke,’ a song about a relationship regretfully falling apart before the motivational ‘Risk’ which ends off with a mournful soundscape undermining the upbeat energy that came before it.

With their soundscapes and their myriad of themes IV4 have created a dynamic album with just enough fun and seriousness to keep it perfectly balanced.

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