Somerfaan release ‘Donker Dae’ video

Octavia Roodt’s finely hand-drawn hyena animation lopes through a pastel pink and blue landscape as bizarre static-like synth and a bulbous beat backbone looms into the fore.

This is ‘Donker Dae’, the lovechild of Somerfaan and Lanimybru and a wholly unconventional offering as far as this genre goes. The track itself is a left-field duet between the two, as Lanimybru’s husky vocals counter Somerfaan’s roughened spoken-word injections.

The video regularly borders on the eccentric, softened slightly by the handcrafted textures of the animation. Severed heads float in the static blue background as the hyena, who represents in some respects an unforgiving conscience stalking them through the night, lopes along rapidly.

“Ek het te veel marajuana gerook,” Somerfaan growls as the visuals transgress into abstract eyes, floating in space – and I can’t help but agree.

It’s a bold offering, freshly peculiar to the point it never elicits discomfort, but quite the opposite. Cunningly crafted trip-hop meets ’70s French film themes, laced in eerie synth quality and injected with a heady dose of metaphor.

A vastly textured love song stacked with confessions, heartbreak and impending doom, they unpack the human conscience with sly sincerity. “Sy was nou altyd jou held/Hier lê die donker dae nou voor,” Lanimybru asserts with silvery venom as a pool of blood spreads from the fallen hyena.

Watch the video below.