Alice Phoebe Lou’s story behind “Skin Crawl” will make yours do just that

Sometime ago in Manhattan, New York, Alice Phoebe Lou was drugged at a concert and almost assaulted.

Luckily she managed to evade the man who’d taken her to Brooklyn and thanks to the kindness of strangers, escaped unharmed, for the most part. You see, the thing about a traumatic experience like that, is that the acute feeling of heightened awareness never leaves you.

Lou’s new video “Skin Crawl”, the second single off her upcoming album Paper Castles, is a result of the singer trying to work through the experience, make sense of it all.

“It’s about the little things,” Lou begins, “the words, the comments, the feeling that ripples through your skin every time you’re told you’re a bitch because you don’t want to give him your number. Because for me, it’s the little things that are the starting point of a broader culture of non-consent and sexual aggression.”

However in this current tumultuous #MeToo climate, it’s hard to make any kind of bold statement as a woman without some ill-informed man taking offence. With this in mind, Lou is eager to profess that she does not “paint men with a single brush”.

Instead, she has heaps of adoration for the men that she works and socialises with. “These are the same men that appear in my music video for “Skin Crawl” close friends who were happy to play a role in a video where I could use them as my objects and my furniture in order to turn things on their head,” Lou laughs.

“The song’s intention is to ask that we all work towards a world where we strive to make each other feel comfortable and safe at all times. That’s the dream really. Cozy and safe and equal,” she concludes.

That’s the dream, isn’t it? However in a world where an alleged child rapist can continue making music for two decades unchallenged, an alleged victim of sexual abuse is still forced to work with her alleged attacker due to contractual obligations and a transgender DJ is assaulted in a Cape Town club by a bunch of ignorant boys, it’s clear that we’ve got a long, long way to go.

Watch the video below.

The Paper Castles 2019 Tour 

North America

March 3 – Toronto, CAN – The Garrison

March 4 – Montreal, CAN – Bar Le Ritz PDB

March 5 – Boston, MA – Cafe 939

March 7 – Vienna, VA – Jammin’ Java

March 8 – Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade

March 10 – Durham, NC – Motorco Music Hall

March 11 – Atlanta, GA – Vinyl AT Center Stage

March 13 – 17 – Austin, TX – SXSW

March 20 – San Diego, CA – The Casbah

March 21 – Los Angeles, CA – The Moroccan Lounge

March 23 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill

March 24 – Portland, OR – The Old Church Concert Hall

March 25 – Seattle, WA – Barboz


April 10 – Leipzig, DE – UT Connewitz

April 11 – Dresden, DE – Polimagie Festival

April 13 – Hannover, DE – Faust

April 15 – Bristol, UK – Thekla

April 16 – Manchester, UK – Deaf Institute

April 17 – London, UK – Earth

April 18 – Nottingham, UK – Bodega

April 20 – Utrecht, ND – Tivoli

April 21 – Amsterdam, ND – Zonnehuis

April 23 – Aachen, DE – Kulturbunker

April 24 – Brussels, BE – Botanique

April 26 – Vienna, AT – Flex

April 28 – Prague, CZ – Futrum

April 29 – Erlangen, DE – E-Werk

May 1 – Friberg, DE – Jazzhaus

May 2 – Munich, DE – Ampere

May 3 – Zurich, CH – Bogen F

May 4 – Stuttgart, DE – Im Wizemann

May 6 – Cologne, DE – Kulturkirche

May 7 – Mainz, DE – Kuz

May 8 -Kiel, DE – Pumpe

May 9 – Copenhagen, DK – Vega

May 11 – Berlin, DE – Columbiahalle

Tickets and more information: AlicePhoebeLou.com