Ethyl Ether’s single “Cold Black Soul” will make you miss the good ol’ days of MK

Ethyl Ether have recorded and released two albums and a live EP in the two years that they’ve been together.

But it was through the release of their new single “Cold Black Soul” that I heard about the Cape Town-based band for the first time.

I’m 100% certain that this video would’ve cracked the MK Top 10 back in the day when D.I.Y-style videos had a place to call home other than YouTube.

The track itself, “which was inspired by the realities of failed relationships and the negative feelings associated with them” splits itself between a rock and punk offering, although the band reckon it’s more Aggro-Pop (a self-coined term but an interesting one at that).

There’s something to be said for musicians that are still making this type of music in South Africa.

Because it’s nowhere near mainstream anymore and probably will never be again (yes I’m painting a bleak, but realistic picture here), either they’re jamming together because they’re passionate as hell about the music they make regardless of recognition, or they have their sights set firmly on exporting their material.

Whichever it is, they’ve got to tighten up that two-part vocal delivery to match that solid melody line.

Watch the video for Cold Black Soul below, which was directed by Adam Donnelly and Denton Carstens from Zangtar Productions.


Feature photo credit: Adam Donnelly