#UpTheCreekSessions: Southern Gypsey Queens

I’ve known Gareth Wilson a long time. Too long now that I come to really think about it.

I once wrote a review on a Southern Gypsey Queen album and said it was super subpar – Gareth loves to bring this up in conversation every now and again.

But we all redeemed ourselves when I interviewed the original line-up of Southern Gypsey Queen for the cover of YourLMG magazine back in 2012. One of the best articles I’ve written incidentally but I digress…

SGQ have reared themselves from a self-imposed slumber and are ready to kick off their final tour, now as a four-piece.

And because yesterday was Gareth’s birthday I thought, why the hell not gift him this kak funny Q&A he did ahead of Up The Creek as a sort of warped belated birthday present.

I’ve grown to hate Q&As so much (you’re going to be seeing very few on this site in the future) but I don’t care, that’s how much I love the little fucker.

What were the highlights for you as a band in 2018?

Getting the news that we will be coming out of retirement for one last batch of shows and starting it all off at Up The Creek.

What was your experience of Up The Creek when you first played at the festival?

Played there a couple times and to be entirely honest I cannot remember which of the performances was the first one. I do however remember being a classic muso and arguing with Anthony [Up The Creek’s owner] about being downgraded to the smaller stage from the Main Stage the year before but he was dead right, we played the little stage by the bar at midnight and it was hands down our best ever show at UTC. I really hope they have us on that stage again this year because it will be a special way for us to bid farewell to this amazing festival.

What can fans expect from your 2019 set at Up the Creek?

It is not going to be a greatest hits farewell set but rather the songs we missed playing most. We really just wanna have one last shot to unashamedly blast our tunes at everybody and relive the songs of our youth again. We are probably the band most excited to be back at the fest this year.

How does your songwriting process work?

Always been very much what we going through at the time and sadly all our good albums came from darker times. It was always myself with lyrics and a basic chord sequence, then Tammy would turn my nerdy little chord sequences into ballsy riff burgers and Paul would arrange it. Then of course we would all fight like crazy until we got to the end result. Classic SGQ songwriting scenario. With Jaco and Bunge onboard we aren’t trying to rehash the old sounds but rather let them add their input and personalities as well.

Sum each band member up in 3 words?

Gareth – drunk and smiley

Tammy – bat shit crazy

Jaco – strong and silent

Bunge – even more silent

What is the most entertaining thing that has ever happened to you on tour?

Getting arrested naked on a beach in Hermanus after taking an experimental drug call ROFLKOPTR. The cops turned out to be super friendly dudes and actually dropped me off at the hotel afterwards. I can’t really tell the rest of the story because I love my mom and I am scared she reads this article.

What is the worst thing that ever happened to you on tour?

Well the above answer was both the best and worst evening of my life on tour.

Name some essential items that you will be taking to Up the Creek.

My plus one Marinus Vos, if he is there I am guaranteed a good time.

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

Well my New Years resolution was to try and go a year without getting engaged, married or divorced. If I can pull that off then that is what I am most excited about.

For full Up The Creek details check this out.

P.S: We miss you Paulie. X