Mx Blouse’s latest video “No Match” will make you own up to your failures

Director Keitumetse Qhali did a flawless job interpreting the themes of Mx Blouse’s latest single “No Match”.

Produced by Thor Rixon and Albany Lore, this song is about the failure of a relationship and acknowledging that the fault lies on both sides. Ouch.

Themes of isolation play out in the desert, while Mx Blouse’s emotional baggage is shown very clearly through the luggage in the beginning that he’s dragged out into that barren waste-desert with him.

This is continued by the sheets of fabric that seem almost to smother them, but our narrative comes full circle as they releases that sheet to the wind (code for: I’M FINALLY FREE FROM YOU, BITCH).

Once again the relationship between Mx Blouse and local designers is strong in this video, they’re dressed in clothing from the Marianne Fassler archive for god’s sake, as well as pieces from contemporary athleisure brand Nao Serati and jewellery from Ma’art.

I also continue my quest to incorporate my kwaito influences in what I do, and with this track specifically, as with my rap style as a whole, I look to iconic kwaito stars who never took lyricism for granted,” Mx Blouse declares. “I’m talking about the likes of Mapaputsi, TKZee, and others. I don’t view my music as hip-hop or rap at all, even though many do, but I see it as a more alternative, modern take on kwaito.”

I have a very special place in my gin-soaked heart for Sandi because I know how hard they’re working.

This video is testament to that work ethic. Watch them rise this year.

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