Oh Mercy’s latest video “City Lights” is harmonic heaven

Andy Lund and Emma du Preez’s voices blend seamlessly together on Oh Mercy’s latest release “City Lights”.

Their harmonies are something straight outta Nashville and so is their biography as a matter of fact.

Recorded at Blackhole Studio with Chris Tait, who also produced the track, “City Lights” is a quintessential track to pack the car and hit the road to.

This video really is a tour de force of creatives too. Directed by Lund and the legend himself, Mr Liam Lynch, this simple piece of art features some of Oh Mercy’s nearest and dearest Cape Town-based companions, with the soothing background sky-scapes taken care of by Inka Kendzia.

“The idea was to try capture that feeling of singing along to your favourite song – cinematic and romantic,” Lund tells me and I’m happy to report that the desire effect was achieved. And then some.

Watch the video below.