Straatligkinders latest video “Krake” is an animoji treat

Straatligkinders dropped a new album and single at the end of 2018 without much fuss but they’ve kicked things up a notch in 2019 with a 10-date tour and animoji video for latest single “Krake”.

The first of its kind for an Afrikaans artist, the video was conceived after Bouwer was shown an app where you could create personalised animojis. ‘Krake’ seemed like an obvious choice because of the upbeat, sunny disposition of the song.

So often krake (cracks) is perceived in a negative light and this song aims to that with Bouwer explaining, “Through different relationships, romantic or platonic, we have to change to heal our own cracks and help heal each others. Cracks are not a negative thing – we all have them so it’s a human condition.”

It’s very hard for me to disassociate Straatligkinders from that screamo band I met on Avontuur, so this single and its accompanying video was a bit of a mind warp for me.

Regardless, it’s cutesy and catchy and I’m a big fan of that drop.