The Kiffness’ latest single is an ode to the bird we all love to hate

Regardless of how you feel about his memes, The Kiffness (David Scott) is pretty savvy when it comes to social media marketing.

Two years after his genius DJ Snake vs. Hadeda video notched just under 800k+ views on Facebook, Scott quickly jumped on the Pharrell getting triggered by Hadedas (although if I’m being fair, he was the first to do so) train, before dropping his own single simply titled ‘Hadeda’.

It the midst of summertime madness at the end of 2018, I missed this one. So I had to go back and write my wrong because how do you miss a track dedicated entirely to one of the country’s most beloved birds?

Okay, maybe beloved is too strong a word here…

“I’ve always enjoyed making music that has a humorous twist to it, but I’ve always struggled to marry my humour with my dance music productions,” Scott explained when asked about why this particular choice in theme. “I feel like this song is finally the perfect marriage between my humour and my dance production skills. I feel like I’m finally realizing my dream of becoming the Flight of the Conchords of the EDM world.”

“I believe the song will do well not only because it is catchy and groovy, but I feel that South Africa’s affinity towards hadedas will make it an instant favourite among fellow South Africans.” He’s not wrong. South Africans have the strangest affinity towards hadedas.

We (or at least I) hate the little shits, but god forbid any visitor takes the piss out of them, that right is reserved exclusively for us South Africans.

Check out the Dolph-animated teaser for ‘Hadeda’ below and buy or stream the track here.