Tresor’s latest video “Electric Night” is a pure pop throwback to the ’80s

Tresor’s story is one that reads like a fairytale.

An orphan from Goma, DRC who crosses a crocodile-infested river and travels hundreds of kilometres to Durban, South Africa were he starts a new life. Then, while working as a car guard he’s discovered, writes more than a few hit songs, wins a SAMA, starts his own record label – I’m pretty sure you’re getting the whole picture here.

His third album “Nostalgia” is just that, a 13-track tour de force celebration of pop and the melting pot of music he enjoyed listening to during his formative years.

“The collaborations on this album truly show off what growing up as an African child looked like, this is heard through the artistry and the different languages in Nostalgia,” Tresor explains.

But heartfelt collaborations with a capella group The Soil and Kenyan heavyweights Sauti Sol aside – it’s his latest release featuring controversial (I’m being nice here) rapper AKA that is his most interesting.

This video is fantastic for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s great to see AKA not taking himself so seriously and his finger-work on the keytar ain’t got shit on DJ Invizable.

Secondly, whatever kind of CGI we’ve got going on here is reminiscent of those C-grade sci-fi movies you used to watch back in the day (if she doesn’t remember she’s still too young for you bro) and by the time you get to the black panther if you’re not laughing you clearly don’t have a sense of humour.

Thirdly, from the grading to the title front to the Hanover Bars in the beginning, this video is ’80s to the core and melodically references and celebrates that glorious Brenda Fassie “Weekend Special” timbre.

But the best thing about this video is that it’s great to see this kind of light-heated narrative being prioritised by an established artist. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

Watch the video below.