Acid is the theme of the day in K01’s “C O L O U R S” video

You put The Plastics together and its pure psych-pop alchemy – you take them apart and you have some damn good solo artists, honing in on sounds never explored in collaboration.

Sasha Righini’s solo endeavour, K01 explores eclectic beats and uprooted, textured synthetic soundscapes. The topic of today? LSD. How can we expect any less?

“C O L O U R S” features Harleylujah of KLKTV and is an expert clash of psychedelia-driven production and easy hip-hop. The result is fibrillating synth sonicism with a heady kick of attitude. Rough around the edges and well-textured, with a hardy boom-ka backbone beat to hold it all together.

You’re not going to get the hang of the video so just sit back and absorb it. Harleylujah is just visible through a cluttered multicoloured filter, on which random imagery and Star Wars-esque scrolling lyrics occasionally appear. Eventually siphoning off into a swirling green backdrop, with verses still echoing in your ears.

“Took some LSD/ look at all the colours/man I’m such an old soul/got it from my mother.”