Cockles latest video “Small Talk” is the most relatable video you’ll watch today

Ever wanted to pop into the Gardens Centre to pick up a litre of milk undetected because you’re having a bad hair day and then you bump into six people you used to go to school with?

Cockles new video for “Small Talk” perfectly details the sheer awkwardness and, lets face it, horror of small talk. South Africans thrive on small talk though, in fact I think some of them actually enjoy it which is even worse.

I’m not what you would call a great socialite,” Alastair Thomas begins to explain. “Like, I don’t enjoy small talk. I’m really bad at it. This song is about some classic encounters. It’s about being bad at small talk and awkward conversations in general.”

Shot by Frank du Toit at Hell’s Kitchen and Sylvia’s Market earlier this month, the video features all the members of Cockles (Gareth Wilson has a particularly interesting cameo) and is the perfect way to say goodbye to Januworry.