Diamond Thug channel self-discovery in their orange-stained video for “Sapphire”

“Empty myself / guided by Kepler’s laws / let it move me,” lilts Chantal Van T in distinctive, husky narrative of Diamond Thug.

She’s referring to Kepler’s laws of planetary motion – a clever line from an album titled Apastron (that’s a star’s furthest point of orbit from another, for anyone not clued up on the solar system – myself included).

To celebrate over 2 million streams of “Sapphire”, the band dropped this whirring, left-field video today. It’s a strange, orange-soaked exploration of self-discovery, tipped a little on its side so you have to squint to catch it all – and you probably wont. 

Van T is a vision in red velvet, mascara streaked in front of a mirror, a glass of whisky at her elbow. Then she’s slipping through a hazy house party. Then she’s submerged in the icy Cape Town ocean.

It’s close ups of hands beneath water. It’s off kilter dancing bodies. It’s weird and wonderful and seems to encapsulate the hazy, progressively powerful quality of their sound just right.

You’ll want to watch it again, this time a little sideways.