Femme power is at the forefront of DWSON’s Glimpses of You EP

Women are taking back their societal and personal power in strength and numbers.

Those within the music industry are stepping forward with truth on their lips and a whole lot of demand for the recognition they deserve.

Now Ashwin ‘Dwson’ Julies is clearly not a woman, but his latest release might be one of my favourite odes to the feminine – and I can give no higher praise than that.

This is smooth, dream-like, experimental house. Finely wrought electronicism which hits home in all the right places – and it’s going to get you on that dance floor. He weaves groovy, whimsical tracks, built from the ground up – and “If Only You Knew” his only solo track on the album, is as striking as the collabs.

Sio’s contribution in “Nobody Else” is pure poetry, delivered in honeyed tones and countered by a boom-ka beat. Roxy Caroline of Hyroine lends her vocals as an instrument to the progressive, almost techno tendencies of the title track; while Dumama brings things back to the homeland with the organic percussion and rich isiXhosa lyricism of “Mamela”.

Dwson has dropped a powerful female voice and I’m not even sure if it was intentional.