Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #77

We’re currently in the throws of rolling loadshedding across the country, which is forcing us all the rethink our approaches to our workflow and the preparation we need to keep in mind in order to not be caught in the dark.

A good way to keep yourself happy when you have no power, is to listen to your music offline. Take a listen to this week’s fresh offering and grab yourself a copy of the ones you like. And remember to keep your devices charged so that the party can continue even when Eskom doesn’t want to play its part.

Tzara – Tears In The Rain.The beauty of this artist lies in her complete mastery of every element of her songwriting. Each nuance, emotion and chapter of her story is communicated effectively because she is in control of the production and performance. It’s an incredible journey through the private process of creation and the very public exposure of the art. This song is ethereal, rhythmic and serene.

Boity – Bakae. Like with most creative avenues, rap music is accompanied by its critics. The chin-scratching judges, standing at the back of the crowd weighing up your worth. Boity has more than her fair share of critics, but this track slaps. The beat is dark and massive, Boity’s flow is groovy and easy to follow. You really cannot ask for more from a club banger, it delivers on its promises.

Tellaman – God Decides.I enjoy great examples of good old-fashioned hard work reaping the rewards of the effort. And with Tellaman this is exactly the case. Throughout the lifespan of my various online radio shows and my local music endeavours, Tellaman’s work has always ended up in my inbox and on my playlists. This latest showcase of his work features performances from local heavyweights Nasty C, Shekhinah and Rowlene. The 20 track album is scattered with mandatory skits and interludes which emphasise the storytelling element.

Sculptured Music – Sad To Think.A beautifully constructed vocal deep house track that has been lighting up club dancefloors since its release. Lauded as a top tier local release for 2019, there is a clear indication that this track will maintain its longevity amongst the deep house community. A music community that is as loyal as it is purist. The song has been searched for over 2000 times on Shazam, i think that’s all the proof we need about the calibre of music we’re dealing with on this release.

Pascal & Pearce – I Got Ya. This duo has taken the summer beach party and encapsulated the warmth, sunscreen, sand and good times into their music. In terms of commercial dance music success they really have capitalised more than any other South African dance music producers and this new track with Locnville will be blaring through radio speakers and on festival dancefloors for a long time.