Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #76

We’ve finally made it to February and to celebrate, we return to our weekly dose of new music on Fresh Flex Friday.

And while I’m certain you’ve missed hearing from us each week, it was probably a healthy break for our relationship too. We start the year off with new releases from some of our favourite featured artists from 2018 and some exciting new additions to the fray. You know what to do – kick back, press play and enjoy.

Yugen Blakrok – Picture Box. The secret agent, stone-cold killer that only hit most South African’s radars when she was included on the Black Panther soundtrack. The Picture Box video is filled with dark rituals and deep messages. Facing demons while delivering commentary on the sensational influence mainstream media has on our minds. This is both an audio and visual gift. 

Jay-Cubed and Nontu X – I Want You. This pairing manages to deliver a smooth combination of groove and harmony which has you singing along from the beginning of the song. The visuals play out as a sweet scene of boy-sees-girl, girl-mesmerises-boy in a serendipitous meeting of hearts and souls. Wholesome content that we aren’t often treated to in contemporary music videos.

Parabyl – Tactile Enhancement. It really isn’t Flesh Flex Friday without a Parabyl feature. When I was a kid I always imagined what it would be like if my life was an actual game. Not like Scott Pilgrim but rather what it would be like to live inside a video game. Parabyl’s music would be that soundtrack, the ballads to accompany my epic adventures.

M2KaNE – Fallen. We need more music like this from our local rappers, less jiggy and more darkness. Not to say that we don’t all have an affinity for a club banger, but there is an emotional connection you make with offerings like this that cannot be achieved in another style. And M2KaNE exhibits such a diverse array of material that we should be celebrating each release for its singular beauty.

Angel-Ho – Pose. This is the disruptive energy we need to shake up the relationship between art and music in South Africa. Angel-Ho has been breaking ceilings and unsettling complacency for a hot minute but her new work is getting the attention she deserves. The visual features local icons whose presence perfectly compliments Angel-Ho’s brazen anthem. And with Gaika co-producing the beat we are served the right measure of disarray.

Ambious Records Podcast – Adam De Smidt. I’m a huge fan of the work Ambious Records is doing in terms of releasing local house and deep house producers. I’m an equally huge fan of the enigmatic Adam De Smidt. The idea that these two entities are finally pairing has me extremely excited. In preparation for his EP release on 22 February, Adam did a mix for the label’s podcast. The mix features some of his unreleased music, and is an excellent precursor to your weekend revelry.