Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #78

There is a lot of emotion and provocation of thought in this week’s selection. But also contagious rhythm, sneaky grooves and strong vocal performances.

We haven’t had a combination of tracks like this in a while and I think everyone will walk away having found at least one new favourite by the end of the feature. Grab your headphones, click on play and discover the new anthem for the weekend.

Black Coffee – Wish You Were Here feat Msaki. The inimitable combination of Adriaan Louw, Deon Van Zyl and The Swank Group has presented us with a gut-wrenchingly beautiful visual, shot entirely on 16mm Kodak film. I got goosebumps while watching it. Such deep emotion is expressed, the storyline is both breathtaking and tragic. I cannot recommend it enough that you treat yourself to this majestic experience. 

Caelo – Better With You. This Cape Town alternative rock outfit has presented us with a perplexing showcase of grungy guitar riffs, Depeche Mode-like ambience and scene-kid angst driven rhythms. The most surprising element was the unexpected vocal-style, I sat through the beginning of the song guessing what kind of voice would join the fray and was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. This song has me intrigued, and I suppose I can’t really ask for more when hearing a band for the first time.

RMBO – Vibe feat Siya Shezi, Scarface Monolo and Khaz Money. Adding his own spin on one of the most recognisable kwaito basslines, and collaborating with an array of fresh artists from Johannesburg. Producer and drummer, RMBO has indeed captured the vibe and we should be bumping this track on all our playlists. Squeezing the goodness out of the last few months of summer, let’s show this track the support it deserves as we ready ourselves for the forthcoming full album release.

Sophie Smith x Manzo – Already Know (Remix). DJ Manzo is a house producer and DJ from Soweto whose passion for music started as a teenager and has endured throughout his journey. His latest offering features UK singer Sophie Smith, a smooth and soulful vocal accompaniment to a laidback yet grooving production. The expectations for this track to be successful are very high and this positive energy is expressed in Manza’s approach to marketing, which is refreshing.

Adam De Smidt – A Clockwork Porridge ( The Juice EP). The only problem I ever had with Adam De Smidt is that he doesn’t release enough music. Luckily for all of us the gems at Ambious Records have worked with him on the release of his new EP, The Juice. It has received early support from some industry heavyweights globally and will undoubtedly spark a lot of local interest too. “A Clockwork Porridge” is the first single from the EP and has me begging to hear it on a dancefloor as soon as possible.