Grassy Spark continue to push genre boundaries with new single “Flow”

Grassy Spark’s new direction is very much weighted in the element of water and “Flow” is a shining example of where their heads are at creatively.

Teaming up again with Tutti Espi, the turn around time for “Flow” was just over a month, and is their first foray into a more electronic-rooted groove.

Grassy is now so far removed from the type of music they were making circa “Portal” and it’s quite exciting when you consider the fact that a lot of artists are super scared to take this kind of risk creatively.

“The song emulates the metaphor of water – its force is such that you cannot stop it, but only flow with it. Through the exploration of electronic sounds, the metaphor of flowing like liquid or water perfectly describes where we are at as artists – moving with the current and enjoying the ride,” Yanick explains when questioned about the song’s origin.

It’s exciting times at the Grassy camp and with their single-by-single release structure and “The Candy” notching over 100 000 streams, the future is bright.