In Review: CTEMF 2019

It started off much like any other jol – the usual gesuipery coupled with the non-stop banter that comes with lumming with a group of reprobates.

The sun was cooking and the sak was ice cold – literally the only combination that matters. After a couple hundred glasses, I ventured off on my own in hot pursuit to gain access into The Castle.

“Hi there, for those of you who aren’t wys, I’m CUSTARD X (sorry for shouting) and I’m a local mal-nai extraordinaire.”

“Ah sorry, your names not on the list.”

It really wasn’t, but they ended up giving me an armband, anyways. Maybe it was because of Ricardo Booysen and his excellently structured security team, or maybe it was because I’m nai reg. To give you some context, Ricardo is far too familiar with me because I have broken into just about every festival in Cape Town. All that matters now is that I had a media pass.

This was the first CTEMF that was hosted at The Castle and boy did I have my doubts. With three stages all falling under one night, I didn’t think that things would be pulled off in the manner in which they were. CTEMF has always been a full weekend jol, the type of event where you beg your employment for Friday to Monday off, because you mos know that you’re gonna need that extra 24 hours for recovery and prayer.

I’d regard the Redbull Music stage as the centre of the jol, purely based on its placement. It hosted the likes of Boiler Room and Rocking The Daisies expat, Uncool Luke, who performed a blistering hip-hop set during the day.

One of my favourite South African rappers, Shane Eagle, graced us with his presence performing hits “Gustavo”, “To The Moon” and “Let It Flow” off his SAMA-winning album. The 21-year-old had the early birds eating out the palm of his hand, me included.

The Budweiser Stage was a massive pond with a fountain in the middle. Picture an empty hole, a quarter the size of Newlands Pool with a raised DJ. I must say I had a very good time in that pond as lazer displays and bright lights engulfed all in attendance, it was really dope. Deep Aztec, who is highly underrated, performed one of the sets of the day with his pulsating deep house and minimal tech.

The JOOX stage was upstairs and housed the likes of Underground Assassin, Cody Meyer, who performed one of his best acid house sets. Every drop that he mixed resulted in fanny bags being unclipped. Stab Virus x Fogshow closed off proceedings with a filthy tech performance that saw the entire jol in attendance. It was like a massive tunnel that reminded me a lot of Era. Smoke machines and bright colours made for a thoroughly enjoyable environment.

CTEMF never fails to disappoint and the local line-up this year was a massive win all-round.

An incase you forgot, I’m Custard X and if you see me in the jol be sure to have an entjie on standby.

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