Judas Priest cancel SA tour due to “logistical and technical” difficulties

Judas Priest, who were due to perform in SA next month, this morning announced that they will not be performing in the country anymore.

Hear that? That’s the sound of heavy metal hearts breaking all around SA.

I’m LOLing hard though because this is the first time I’ve ever seen a cancellation message typed solely in CAPS LOCK. That’s not going to make anyone less angry dudes.

Side note: Big Concerts deleted the CAPS LOCK message below, but you know we quick on that screenshot draw.

Judas Priest then re-uploaded the message onto their Facebook (without the whole caps lock vibe) but we’re all still just as bleak.

But let’s unpack this message, shall we? Judas Priest is claiming that due to “LOGISTICAL” and “TECHNICAL” reasons they’re not coming.

So who fucked up here? If you have a look at their tour dates you’ll see that after their tour in New Zealand, they hop on a plane across the ocean to us at the arse end of the world. Then after their two shows here they don’t perform again until May. If you have any concept of scheduling you’ll know that this makes no sense. So what happened?

Fingers crossed for a reschedule?