Kwesta and Dan Lurie’s joined forces in “Rain Dance” is pure pop with a message

While we’re no longer facing quite the impending water crisis we were a year ago, a couple of rain dances wouldn’t go amiss to keep our dam levels up, and this could be the soundtrack to your contribution.

Jokes aside, Daniel Lurie & Kwesta’s latest collaboration is actually about restoring faith in humanity and actively pursuing the collective goals and dreams of the nation. A deep topic for 16-year-old Lurie to take on – a feat which wouldn’t have hit home so well if not for Kwesta’s sharp verses.

Shot just outside Joburg, a starkly barren landscape is the canvas for the video. Effortless, traditional-esque choreography is the focal point, simple and tribal in the sort of modern fashion which alludes to appealing forward thinking.

Catchy hooks pair with a satisfying electro chorus break. It’s an eloquent blend of hybrid-traditional pop – nothing groundbreaking, but something to keep your feet moving.