Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper perform “Shallow” at Oscars and it’s every bit as beautiful as you’d think

Well now this was quite a little treat.

Serving us mad old-school Hollywood glam, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed their hit “Shallow” together at the Oscars for the first time, after which Lady Gaga went on to scoop her first Oscar for Best Original Song. And obviously, there was no competition this year.

The performance was shot with the camera facing the audience, a fairly unusual camera placement for the award show, but similar to the style that they shot performance scenes for A Star Is Born, which was a nice homage.

It’s when Bradley gets up and walks around the piano to sit next to Lady Gaga that things really get interesting and naturally, Twitter reacted swiftly.

We don’t blame you if you need a drink after this piano-snuggle-fest performance.