Looking to Psych Night at Mercury: The Sun Xa Experiment

The Sun Xa Experiment certainly isn’t just your average group.

They’ve created a unique identity for themselves, with their music drawing heavily on ancestral and spiritual themes and they’re using the platform their music gives them to spread positive energy.

Established in 2014, the 7-piece band (along with 3 team members), have a distinctly Afro-jazz-inspired sound which pays homage to their culture and African identity, and are known for their unique and stirring sound.  The Sun Xa Experiment manages to effortlessly combine their multi-instrumental presence with striking face paint and traditional dance on stage, which makes their performances nothing short of captivating.

I had a few questions for the band ahead of their performance at Mercury Live tonight, alongside Amsterdam-based The Mauskovic Dance Band.

Your show at the Mercury is the first in a series of performances of your Cape Town tour, what are you most looking forward to about this tour?

Mercury venue is one legendary spot. We are happy to start our tour with the gig in collaboration with Psych Night and Vans. With the tour we are most looking forward to connecting with Cape Town and giving great performances to a good audience.

How would you describe The Sun Xa Experiment?

Ancestral spiritual whirlwind, a journey through discovery of self. An awakening sound that truly connects with your soul and energy. 

You describe Sun Xa as being an ancestral/spiritual band, how has this shaped your music and your performances?

It has grown us as a band and as individuals as it healed us and in turn it heals those who come in contact with the music. We are because of our ancestors.

What do you want people to take away from your music and your performances? Do you have a specific message?

We give out blessings and positive energies of love. Our wish at all times is for people to take those gifts and use them as instruments of peace, hence we highly respect our music on stage when we communicate with the audience as healers.

How do you see the band evolving and growing?

We are on a journey of a revolution where we want to be the change we want to see. The band evolves every time we reach different stages and we grow with everyone who comes to us and honestly tells us how they felt of the music. 

The name “Sun Xa” means “The sun is out” however I read in an article in which indicated that the name also pays homage to artists Sun Ra and Ndikho Xaba, who have influenced your sound. What other artists have influenced you as a band?

Different indigenous artists like pops Muhhamed, BCUC, TUG (Time Unveils God), Mabi Thobejane, Chicago art ensemble, Pharoeh Sanders, Madosini, Ghana water drumming woman to mention a few but also it is a whole sound journey that influences us and most importantly our trips around the country.

Tickets for Psych Night’s first show for the year are R60 at the door.