Pick your favourite flavour from EMERGER’s tasty platter of “Break & Fall”

Six years ago Cape Town duo EMERGER beat out 5000 contestants out to win the Avid and Abbey Road Studios International song contest – a win which gave them the opportunity to attend a mastering session at the renowned London studio.

A couple of years down the line and they’re paying tribute to the song so close to their hearts by releasing an EP dedicated solely to “Break & Fall” – a sly, slick release of five separate versions of the track.

Channeling the ever-present theme of the undulating quality of romantic relationships, Emerger exhibit their flexible talent as they channel influences from all over the map.

From the polished, radio-ready pop leanings of the version which made it onto their album, to the sweeping, cinematic rock version which actually won them the competition – not to mention the sticky sweet ’80’s pop Gerizzle remix which will make you wanna dance.

The demo, which might be my favourite, is pretty much an amalgamation of all four previous tracks, pairing silvery vocals with an electro-pop backbone and chiming acoustic fringe, countered by a baseline beat which could almost border on techno.

Take your pick.