Pierre Stemmett’s Float EP is some top class electro-pop production

There music be something in the water in P.E.. The windy city has never really been active on the local music radar but a couple of gems have emerged from the woodwork lately and they’ve got us listening.

Pierre Stemmett is one such gem. To be more exact he’s a P.E. expat – and his new release, Float is hot off the press and just about as polished as trap-pop album can get without loosing its roots.

In fact it’s not very rooted at all – true to its title, the EP floats free in a bowl of assorted synths, tethered only by his clap-back lyricism and tailored vocals.

It’s packed-full of hooks and expertly produced. From the radio-static and liquid pop leanings of “Float”, to the raindrop rhythm and rap of “Blur”, a collaboration with Kearne Dragon which injects just the right amount of oomph into the EP to take it one step further.

He lays a dark head space bare on his sleeve and then ties it all up with the silvery instrumental conclusion, “Sleep Walking”, whose languid, misty tendencies all but put you to sleep – and in the best way.