Silvablack’s new KULTURESHOCK EP is a one way ticket to contemporary rap-ville

“My skin shouts European but I’m African […] fuck the packaging,” Silvablack spits with enthused vigour.

This is KULTURESHOCK: a fiery collaboration between Silvaback and DJ 2Shoes. A seven-track EP accompanied by a digital booklet of scrawled hand-written lyrics, and pixel animated totems.

From the chiming, ethereal, bare-boned quality of “Love The Hype” to the dark, spacey synth work of “Mellon West” – this is densely flavoured rap delivered on a sparse platter. Meanwhile, Buffalo Souljah’s Caribbean tones sneak into “Prada Stuff”, injecting a refreshing reggae tone into the mix.

This album wheezes and clatters, wraps staccato rhythm around a bulbous backbone beat, and just as quickly strips things down warped, chilling vocals and eerie bells.

It’s wrapped in swift, fluid rap rhymes, and he unpacks verses with the sort of staccato fluency of a seasoned boy-on-the-street.