Spoegwolf become the first Afrikaans artist to reach #1 on the Apple Music Album Charts

Popular alternative rock band Spoegwolf have became the first Afrikaans band to top the Apple Music Album Charts with their new album.

Commenting on their #1 success on Apple Music Spoegwolf said: “Sometimes you dream about getting a bike for your birthday. Then you wake up, and the whole Afrikaans community has chipped in to buy you a Ferrari. That’s how this feels becoming the first Afrikaans #1 album on Apple Music!”The Afrikaans band from Stellenbosch consists of Danie du Toit (vocals & guitar), Chris von Wielligh (guitar & piano), Moskou du Toit (drums) and Albert van der Merwe (bass & vocal).  

Explaining the title of their fourth album Koma, (translated “coma”), Spoegwolf drummer Moskou Du Toit says: “This release is a concept album which deals with trauma. We therefore thought that the idea of a coma fits perfectly. The songs follow someone who undergoes terrible things – falling, getting up … falling, getting up again … and then finally realises that nothing is left apart from the essential dream of love and the bit of light that still sparks inside him. The listening experience must feel like a deep sleep; like a coma.”

Their list of hit songs include Blou, StormLenie Blou lll and Die Rivier.Koma consists of 14 tracks, including 2 instrumental arrangements and is available on Apple Music.