Stones & Gold’s Rogue EP is an invigorating refresher of experimental rock

There’s nothing like a good dose of rock ‘n’ roll on a Friday morning – and if you haven’t tried it out yet I recommend you put it to the test with Stones & Gold’s Rogue.

Hot off the press and stacked with burgeoning riffage and classical influence – the band takes on the rock genre from left, right and center in this one.

The live video of “Nightmares and Dreams” which they dropped earlier this month didn’t give much in the way of preparation for the full release. “Rattle My Ribcage” makes rock groovy – its cheeky and edgy and navigates a broken heart without much tenderness.

“Renegade” strips things down with subtle, blanketed sound only to rip off the cover as the chorus drops and is dedicated to the societal misfits we all are deep down – while 6 minutes of anthemic rock unravels in the form of “Stones & Gold” which should take the cake for the album if it weren’t quite so long.

Come down to the Cape soon, please and thanks.