Take a front-row festival seat for Stones & Gold’s “Nightmares and Dreams”

There’s nothing like a good ol’ live show for a band to really get their teeth into it – and, back-lit by a the golden-glow of stage lights and faced with a shadowy crowd, Stones & Gold do just that.

The video was shot live by Dizzy Khaki at Misty Waters Festival last year, and is a tasty morsel of what is to come in their upcoming EP. Polished and precise shots are juxtaposed by stationary and off-centre counterparts that lend a strangely roughened home-movie style to the video.

It perfectly captures familiar tough, gritty feel of a front row festival slot – minus the spilled beer down your back – as rapid fire lyricism quickly unpacks and the highs and lows of the music industry with muffled eloquence.

This is a growling and honest portrayal of the band, rough around the edges and explosively energetic.