Take a trip into the cosmos with Alice Phoebe Lou in her “Galaxies” video

“We’ll fade away / we’ll slip away […] we’ll be okay.”

Thanks for the reminder.

Alice Phoebe Lou’s latest single is essentially about coming to terms with one’s insignificant existence in this universe. And in doing so, she takes it from the perspective of a fallen star.

Co-written by Berlin-based musician Harry Charles, “Galaxies” is a futuristic jazz-pop blend of sound and scope, avant-garde and space-cadet all at once. The video is dreamy and dramatic, juxtaposing a stark, barren landscape with a scintillating exploration of the cosmos – topped off with left-field animation aspects by Hagen Shönfeld.

It’s the sort of silvery, quietly powerful delivery typical of Lou. She’s the type of person who likely won’t stop pushing societal boundaries until it – and the patriarchy – goes crashing to the floor.

And if her last few releases are anything to go by, her upcoming album Paper Castles is going to thrill you and shake you and make you look a whole lot harder at the state of the world.