The Black Lapels debut All Or Nothing is an indie-pop treat

You don’t hear it too often these days but one of the pioneering indie SA sounds was a sort of jangling, earthy Afro-pop fusion that was favoured by the likes of Hot Water and Holiday Murray (come back please).

Three chords into All or Nothing and I know we’ve got a keeper.

This is an EP of refreshing variety – each track taking a left hand turn from the previous, while simultaneously maintaining a firm common thread. From the slick drum work of “Shake Down” and the percussive, staccato nuances of “Danger”, to the whirring flamenco rock of “All Or Nothing” – they leap from one melodic stepping stone to another with finesse.

Dialling things down a notch, “Chemicals” is steeped in soft, ballad-esque leanings, while “The Other Side of Love” is the sort of love song that has a sentimentality that creeps up on you.

These guys never falter once on this EP.

Keep it coming.