The Lebowski’s latest video “Come Around” is a good ol’ dose of ’00s rebellion

“You’re so easy when you come around […] I don’t like you.”

Ok then.

Brash red lyrics are scrawled across the black-and-white home video footage. There’s something genuinely rock ‘n’ roll about The Lebowski’s approach. They channel a sort of brawny, youthful arrogance, juxtaposed against healthy, tightly-wound riffage.

This lends them enough ammunition to pit them against their indie rock contemporaries – but enough levity to lace the lyrics in snide provocation and guile.

If you’ve ever hoped to aptly visually represent a night out at Mercury without actually involving the club, this is your video – although it’s actually more representative of a rollicking house party, equipped with roaring rock persuasion and a pool table.

It’s something we’ve seen before and we’ll most likely see it again but this video is edgy and soaked with youthful rebellion. Knock it back with a shot of tequila.