Willim Welsyn’s “Die Saad Van Die Onkruid” is a left-field love letter to the Karoo

Willem Welsyn is anything but your classic Afrikaans rocker. The host of an award-winning podcast, as well as the frontman of his SAMA-nominated band, his mop of unruly curls also gives him an air of a young, mischievous, nutty professor – which is just what channels through in this video.

The “Die Saad Van Die Onkruid”s collage quality is stitched together by Welsyn himself, who also happens to be a graphic designer. With each collage being representative of each band member, they’re multi-textured and three-dimensional, slotting together proteas, knives, wedding cakes and an array of molecular structures my Grade 9 chemistry does nothing to unravel.

Narrative lyricism lends a cheeky, familiar quality as the track navigates a love triangle within a cursed Karoo family – while the visuals hone in on the sort of classy retro feel of your Karoo tannie’s living room.

This is polished Afrikaans rock at it’s quirkiest. And while it might feel as though it should be cliche, it is, in fact, quite the opposite.