WONDERboom drop striking new video for “In Place Of Something” that gives a shout out to all the misfits

With their last album “Rising Sun”, WONDERboom has managed to continuously dominate a music scene where rock doesn’t seem to fit on local radio anymore.

“In Place Of Something” is an anthem for the misfits, giving voice to the dreamers and the lost.

“The making of this video was so much fun. It’s great putting so much effort into such an alternative and edgy song. Production-wise, it was run pretty slick and pro. It helps having the crew and talent that we had on and off set – from the film and post crew, make-up and catering, right through to the technical crew onsite at AV Unlimited. They all gave the love and passion the video needed, and it shows,” Martin Cito Otto explains when talking about the fashioning of the video.

‘In Place Of Something’ carries a strong theme with it, one that Cito is very passionate about too.  He explains saying “The song is about the frustration of living a world where you’re just a misfit. The disappointment of conforming, of compromising who you are as an individual, just to be left alone. When nothing or no one out there represents who you are – not the government, not society, religion or media.”

Enlisting the help of director Brad Devine for the video shoot and collaborating with a stellar crew, the result is a video that embodies the energy and captivating live performance of the band perfectly.