You’ll want Bye Beneco as your Valentine after you watch “I’m Not The One”

When it comes to making magical music videos, Bye Beneco definitely know a thing or two.

Beautifully styled and shot, their videos are captivating and visually stunning and the brand-new video for their latest single “I’m Not The One” is certainly no exception.

This is an ethereal, synth-laced pop ballad and the video, perfect for its Valentine’s Day release, is an atmospheric and alluring offering.

Directed and shot by Hankyeol Lee it features vintage-esque costumes and cinematography that perfectly captures both the song’s mood and its whimsically synthy sound.

Blending rich red tones with an opulent boudoir-like setting and a barrage of mirrors, the video for “I’m not the one” manages to create an intimate, evocative and unashamedly romantic ode to self-reflection.