A hilarious music video shoot goes terribly wrong in Tatum Rush’s “Slow Down”

Smoothly operating between the cities of Paris, Milan, Berlin and Lausanne, Tatum Rush is a powerhouse of contemporary neo-pop meets R&B.

“Put the fucking music on!” the pseudo director yells. As crass and comedic as it gets, “Slow Down” navigates a behind-the-scenes look at the sticky storyline of a dodgy director who turns the filming process into a wild ride of trashy pubs, nice old people, abandoned skyscrapers and a few security guards.

The song itself features vocalist Pilar and walks languidly along the sassier edge of the knife. Spanish vocals counter his English ones as they saunter down a smooth, Latino-esque R&B countenance.

The video is a ramshackle, D.I.Y. mish-mash of drunkenly yelled directions, spontaneous parties, puking, and bag packing. It’s a wild night in a bar. It’s feathers being artistically blown across the frame. It’s ocean-side wrestling when things finally hit the fan.

It’s a whole lot of crude wildness wrapped in a smoothly cruising tune.